A Career Built from the Ground - Up




Ron Zachau built his career from the ground - up. In the late 80's, he began his journey as a field technician in a small business from Tucson, AZ. He had his share of experiences wedged in a ditch alongside a McElroy PitBull. From there, his career progresses to the fabrication shop, into the training room and onto outside sales. With all this valuable knowledge under his belt, his career has skyrocketed.


Ron's talent was discovered by many significant organizations within North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. He has enjoyed traveling within the industry and adapted very well, overcoming obstacles that presented themselves through the various cultures he encountered.


His passion for his work reflects in all aspects of his life.  Keeping in touch with colleagues, even after the projects have been completed, has not only enhanced his business connections, but has created lifelong friendships.


During Ron's leisure time you could find him relaxing on the greens with some of his friends, playing on his jet skis and even competing in the US Nationals bowling conference.  His extensive library of western novels helps him escape, for a short while, from the modern day.


Ron is looking forward to his next business opportunity and personal adventures within the HDPE community.